Connecting Places & People

Trails contribute to the vitality of our community.

Trails to Health – Trails expand opportunities for activities that contribute to physical and mental well-being.

Trails to Community – Trails connect neighborhoods and provide more direct routes to parks, schools, commercial areas, and other activity centers.

Trails to Nature – Trails pass through forests and meadows and along beaches. Neighborhood streets connect established nature trails.

Trails to Safety – Trails are located away from busy roads and connect local streets, allowing pedestrians to avoid car and truck traffic.

Trails to Prosperity – Trails increase home values and provide recreational opportunities that attract tourists.

These benefits result from the collaboration of neighbors. Private and public property owners provide access to small portions of their lands.  Volunteers build and maintain the trails. Together, we create a valuable community asset at very little expense.


The Trails

Forest trails and low-traffic roads linking trails are displayed on Google My Maps, and can be viewed on your desktop or mobile device by clicking HERE

Open the Trail Map in Google Maps on your mobile device, and it will show your location as you hike the trails.  You can also view the Trail Map in the My Maps app or in the browser on your mobile device.  See how HERE

Below is an example of the Trail Map.

Forest trails are shown in green. Low-traffic road segments that connect trails are shown in yellow.  Park lands are highlighted green.  Click on the map image above to download a map for use on your own device.

Currently, the Trail Map shows only a fraction of existing trails on Whidbey Island.  Check back for updates.  Better yet, send us GPS tracks of trails to include in the Trail Map by following the instructions under Build the Trails, below.


Walk The Trails

Trails are often just outside your back door.  The only thing you need to do is put on your shoes.  So go exploring with family and friends, take a solitary walk to relax and reflect, or step up the pace for some aerobic exercise.  Here's all you need to know.


Trail Markers

Trail markers throughout the forests will help keep you on the correct paths. Please stay on the trail to maintain the health of the forest and respect the privacy of neighbors.



Trails offer an alternative to jumping in the car.  Walk to school.  Walk to lunch in town, and take a free bus back home.  The Island Transit bus schedule is HERE.  You'll reduce your carbon footprint, burn a few calories, and meet your neighbors along the way.



Respect the land and all that’s on it. Do not remove or damage plants, animals, rocks, downed timber, artifacts or relics. Do not litter or dispose of refuse.

Respect the rights of land owners, who have provided access to their property without charge. Stay on the trail. Close and latch all gates. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Bicycles and horses are prohibited, unless signs at the trailhead indicate they are allowed. Hunting, firearms, fireworks, and fires are prohibited.

Respect other hikers.  Keep dogs on leash. Clean up pet waste. 

Build The Trails




Please download the MotionX GPS app HERE. It's easy to use, records your route in a format we can add to the Trail Map, and costs only $1.99.  (Requires mobile data usage.)  Or you can use any GPS device that produces a .kml or .kmz file. 



Walk your neighborhood trail while using the Record Track function of MotionX GPS.



Once you have your trail mapped in the MotionX GPS app, send the track to We will verify that the trail fits within our community guidelines and add it to the Trail Map.


Our trail crews have a fun and rewarding experience.  Volunteers provide the enthusiasm, we provide the training and tools.  You can volunteer on your own to work side-by-side with your neighbors.  Or you can volunteer along with other members of your favorite organization for a team-building experience.  You can also serve as a trail steward to identify maintenance needs after trail construction is completed.  Use the contact form below to let us know that you're interested. 


Contact Us

Please use the form below to reach out with any questions or suggestions, receive step-by-step instructions on how to send us your GPS tracks, or volunteer for a trail construction crew.

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